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Check this page for our weekly fertile eggs, we tend to update eggs available for the week after on every Wednesday. Please refresh the page if it doesn't direct you to the latest/most updated page.

 Eggs available for week starts: 9th November


     Barnvelder - Sold out

     Brahma (Black & Blue)

     Silky (white & mix coloured) - limited eggs

     Brahma (Silver lace and blue Silver laced) extremely rare and only limited eggs available - Not available

     Brahma (Gold laced, Blue laced gold) extremely rare and only limited eggs available - Sold out

     Buff Orpington


     Light Sussex - Not available

     Wyandotte (Silver laced) 

     Plymouth Rock - limited eggs






     Silver Appleyard - Sold out

     Crested Indian Runner

     Coloured Indian Runner

Many of our breeding birds are proven exhibition birds that conform well to the breed standards, however some birds may not, so please if you are unsure have a look at the birds in the breeding pens before ordering.We are happy to take extra photos for you if you need further detail.

We are happy to send mixed dozens or a mystery assortment.

Our pure breed chicken eggs are $70-$150 per dozen depend on breeds, unless otherwise stated, plus Express Postage of $30 anywhere in Australia or we can fit 2 dozen large breed or 3 dozen bantam eggs,  in a larger box with the postage being $40.

All eggs are wrapped individually and packed carefully in poly fibre, duck eggs are packed with an added damp cloth to keep the humidity levels up a bit.

Posting days are Monday and Tuesday, to allow plenty of time for arrival before the weekend.


Fertile eggs do need to be protected from impact during posting, which will cause the air sac to be dislodged or ruptured, this is probably one of the most important factors to consider.  Often, using eggs cartons, although it seems the logical choice, is not always the best one.  After many attempts at posting eggs to family members across the state, using all different methods of packaging. I have found a method of packing eggs that ensures they will arrive to you in the best possible condition for hatching.  The packing method I use is both time consuming and expensive but if you are buying my fertile eggs, then you deserve to buy eggs that have a high chance of arriving alive and hatching.

Express Posting eggs is the best method to use.  They do not travel with other parcels heavier than 5kg. (less chance of impact) The eggs travel in the cool of the night for next day delivery to you, so it is of no great concern to post eggs on hot days. (within reason)

Eggs travelling by air are not subject to freezing temperatures in the cargo holds. Most domestic aircraft holds are heated to 16-22C through bypass flow from the engines.

When you receive your eggs, please unpack them straight away and store them in a clean egg carton pointy end down. Rest your eggs for 24 hours before incubating, this gives the contents a chance to settle and stabilize after their journey.


Hi Debbie
I am happy to report 12/12 eggs fertile and due to hatch around 23-24 August
- Lizzie (Large White Leghorns) Aug, 2011


I am a super happy surogant mum to 11 Andulasain chicks yes 11! Best result I have ever had from posted eggs Thankyou sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much they are so cute we have named one percy pengin he looks just like a pengiun.
Thanks again
- Kellie (Andalusians, Western Australia) July, 2011.


Just candled our 2 doz light sussex all but four fertile!!!!! So excited
- Alyssia (Tasmania) July, 2011


Hi Deb,
Eggs have arrived safely. The attention you give to packing is exemplary. If my hatch rate is along the lines of our dealings this far, I will be stocked.
Will keep you informed,
Best wishes
- Kerry (Barnvelders, WA) June 2011


Dear Debbie and Gary,
Our buff sussex and gold laced wyandotte eggs hatched last week and we were very happy. We had a good hatch rate and some very cute chicks. Attached is a picture of a buff sussex chick enjoying life in its new home
- Thanks Debbie! (Buff Sussex & Gold Laced Wyandotte, NSW) 2011


All 9 eggs that were developing hatched on Saturday and they're all happy and healthy. I'm so incredibly happy, it's the best hatch rate I've ever had with eggs through the mail. Thankyou so much for all the care and attention in your packing.
I'll let you know how the Wyandottes and Sebrights go..
- Kathy (Andalusians, QLD) June 2011


I got the eggs yesterday, thanks. Out of all the eggs i have purchased over the net yours were wrapped the best by far. Thanks again.
- Jacinta (Faverolles, VIC) May 2011


Hi Debbie,
Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful packing of those eggs. They arrived today, looking brilliant! It's nice to see that people still care about presentation! Will let you know how they go :)
- Ed (Australorp, NSW) May 2011


Hi Debbie,
A quick email to let you know the Fav eggs arrived today. All intact and I thank you for your wonderful attention to packaging. kind regards

- Britt (Salmon Faverolles, Gold Coast)


Eggs arrived all intact moistened cloth still damp  - thankyou for the effort of packing so well – its over to us now. 

- Harry (Pekin & Silver Appleyard Duck eggs - Western Australia)


Hi Debbie,
Eggs arrived yesterday all okay,

- Beth (Guinea Fowl eggs, Queensland)


Hi Deb,
Jjust letting you know out of the 11 leghorn eggs I got 10 chicks and one egg was not fertile.

- Chris (NSW)



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