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Chook Feed For Sale

Due to high demand and enquiries recently on what we are feeding our birds, we are now offering more feed products, It is crucial to keep same diet or as much similar as possible to minimise the stress birds might have when re-home new birds and feeding wrong diet could lead to nutritional insufficiency and in severe cases could cause death in birds.
Day old - 6 weeks old: 25% chick starter, will come either as crumble or finely milled mixed grains. Normal chicks starter is around 20-21%, we highly recommend feeding higher protein feed for chicks in their first few weeks of life (up to 6 weeks old ) to help them build up big frames and hence reach their desired full size especially large breeds like Orpington, Cochin or Australorp, etc. Our experience shows that to get good, longer life layers we shall feed all chicks with higher protein feed. We mill our feed weekly so they are freshly made and attracted to birds.
6 weeks old - P.O.L: 16-17% protein pullet crumbles or milled mixed grains. During this period, we don't feed high protein feed anymore to avoid early mature in birds, they would hence start laying earlier but smaller size eggs and could shorten their laying life.
From P.O.L till laying: generally after 18 weeks old, 17-20% protein feed with supplement of shellgrit in their diet as they need more calcium to form shells for the eggs. Tip is don't fatten your birds with too much high protein feed as that would stop them from laying, feed high protein feed only when they molt to get them back laying then switch to normal laying feed.

Note: this is only a general guide on what we are feeding our birds.           

Showbird Breeder MP is a premium quality poultry breeder and layer food formulated to be fed to all classes of breeding and laying poultry.

This high specification diet is nutritionally balanced for essential nutrients such as protein, energy, vitamins and minerals necessary for high production, fertility and hatchability.

Linoleic acid is included in the diet at a minimum of 1.3% for enhanced egg size.


20 kg bag $24 each


Linoleic acid added to enhance egg size.

20 kg bag $22 each

Layer Cratch Mix is fed to grower chickens or adult fowls and most other poultry. It consists of a grain mix comprising of  barley, wheat, cracked corn and layer pellets.
20kg bag $21 each

photo coming soon



25kg bag $17 each







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