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Care - This section is dedicated to all new beginers whether you are new to poultry or someone who is looking for some basic care information about chickens. Please feel free to email us if you have any other questions.



All birds sold are vaccinated for:

·      Mareks (day old)

·      ILT (4 weeks old)

·      Coryza (at 6 weeks then 10 weeks)


Free off: Coccidiosis, Intestinal Worms, external lice and mites when sold.


Expected age of first eggs:


·      Spring/Summer – Isa Brown approx. 19-22 weeks

-       Purebred approx. 22-28 weeks


·      Autumn/Winter – Isa Brown approx. 20-24 weeks

-       Purebred appox. 22 – 30 weeks



1.     Day old till 4-6 weeks old : chick starter (19-25% protein) medicated with Coccidiostat

2.     6 weeks-18 weeks (P.O.L): pullet grower (16-20% protein) crumble medicated with Coccidiostat

3.     Over 18 weeks –layer: pellet, scratch mix grains


Please note: younger pullets may not grow well if fed on an inadequate protein diet such as only oats, bread, table craps etc.


When adding new birds to current flocks, best to introduce at night time to prevent pecking problem or isolate new birds in an area and introduce them slowly to the current flock until they are used to each other if pecking occurs.


Birds all should be wormed (with piperzine etc) and treated for external parasites (dusted) such as lices and mites at least twice a year.


Also watch closely for:

1.     Coccidiosis – pale combs, loss of condition, blood in droppings, drooping wings. Treat with appropriate coccidiostat (Amporium as such).

2.     Respiratory problem – typical symptom such as runny nose, coughing watery eyes or swollen face, etc. Should be treated wit a broad spectrum antibiotics.


For more information or help, please feel free to contact on 0428 371 542 or email us at









If you would like to enquire about our poultry, we can be contacted at

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