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Breeds - Large

Brahma (Light & Blue light) - No longer available

One of our very first breeds that took us to the poultry world, a very docile, gentle giant that would be your perfect pet in the backyard, even roosters are very quiet and docile.

As the breed (together with Cochin) lost in Austarlia so these were just recreated about 20 or more years ago and the Light is one of the oldest version was recreated so they got really good size (tallest and biggest among the other varieties)and type.

Due to our limited hens in the breeding pen this year, fertile eggs would be limited, young pullets are $100 each. We would have backyard quality available as well for $50 each.

Here is our light rooster that we are using this season (2013), big tall fellow.



Another new colour we are trying to create this season (2013), blue light

Rose is the new addition to our light pen, together with her other two sisters. One of the best type females that we bred from last season (2012)








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