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Breeds - Large

Brahma (Gold Laced) - limited eggs available now 

We are now breeding the Blue Laced Gold (BLG) brahma and have some together with the Gold Laced (GL) and White Laced Red (WLR) birds to breed all these new and rare colours.

Our long term project has now thrown out some nice type and good lacing this year. Very rare colours in the Brahma still, this year we would offer some of our limited stocks and fertile eggs for first time, colours would include: Gold Laced, Blue Laced Gold, White Laced Red. All birds would be kept until around 14-16 weeks old or longer as it takes a while for lacing to develop well. Birds are $150 each. Backyard quality (not good lacing) also available for $60 each, ferile eggs are $150 per dozen. Below are some of our birds used for this season (2015):

One of our best Blue laced gold brahma pullets this year has come along nicely.


One of our GL cockeral.

One of our nice lacing BLG hens.

BLG young pullet.

Nice lacing GL hen and a blue laced gold pullet with great footfeathering.

Another GL hen. 































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