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Breeds - Large

Brahma (Barred Buff Columbian/Blue Buff) - 

A very popular colour and high demand in our Brahma variety. We are currently have a couple show quality roosters in the pen atm. Colours in this pen include: Buff Collumbian, Barred Buff Collumbian( picture of the boy below), Blue buff and Blue Barred Buff Collumbian. Stunning colours though shades might be needed during hot seasons as colour could be fading from rich buff into paler light brown if bared under sun for too long.

Fertile eggs are $80 per dozen, chicks are $20 each, pullets (12-14 weeks old) $80 each and P.O.L (limited) $100 each. All vaccinated and treated for internal and external parrasites.

One of our big tall Barred Buff Collumbian boy for this year breeding season.


Group of Buff Collumbian hens 


Barred buff collumbian hen

Blue Buff young pullets.





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