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Ph: 0428 371 542 / 0406 630 707

We are having a bit of time off due to personal/family circumstances so we would not be able to get on contact again till 12th February. For any urgent matters, please email us @ We would answer all the emails/enquiries as soon as we are back to work on or before that date. For those who have texted/called me for the last 3-4 weeks please ring me back after 12th February or text me again as our phone was not working during that period and now we are waiting for the new phone arrives.

Our deep apologies for all the inconveniences that might cause but hope you could understand the stressful time we are facing at the moment.

Like us on Facebook @ Country Cacklers - Temora.

Also see us at the following venues with Pullets, Ducks etc for sale:



 Jamison Markets in Canberra each Sunday 6am-1pm 

7th February





Welcome to Country Cacklers

Hi and Welcome To Country Cacklers.

We are a small Free Range Poultry Farm, located in TEMORA, NSW, 1 hour from Wagga Wagga in the lovely Riverina area.

Our love for poultry has grown over the past couple of years to the point where we decided it would be a good thing for us to share our passion with others and provide a range of Fresh Free Range Eggs and Poultry to the locals, as well as many IGA stores and Supermarkets. This part of our business was very successful although far too labour intensive for the two of us, as we were producing, marketing and delivering our brand, thus we have closed that side of the business to concentrate on growing out layer pullets for the general public, as well as the introduction of our 27 different pure breeds of chickens and 6 different breeds of ducks, as well as Turkeys and Guinea Fowl, which we have sourced from some of the top breeders and successful show people in Australia.

Our beginnings in poultry started off with 8 Isa Brown hens, led by Juicy Lucy and an Isa Rooster, named Cock a Doodle. From these 8 little ladies and 1 eager boy we filled our incubator with eggs and started breeding a few hens to get us going. What started out a fun little hobby has now grown into a very successful and enjoyable business. We often comment on how great it is to sit back on our little farm doing what we both love to do and not having to go to work each day with the hustle and bustle of working in town.

From meager beginnings we have grown into a thriving business, our first little incubator of 144 eggs has now been retired and we run 2 x 1200 egg incubators most of the year, filled with chicken, turkey, duck and guinea fowl eggs.

We recently started selling our poultry from home with the farm being open most days from 10am - 5pm. Sales range from day old ducks and chickens up to Point of Lay pullets, Pure breeds, Roosters, grown ducks, as well as Guinea Fowl and Turkeys when in season.

Each Sunday we head off to Canberra to the Jamison Markets where our range of poultry can be sourced, orders in advance are recommended, especially for the pure breeds.

Please feel free to have a wander around our website, hope you enjoy.


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